Waterproof your deck surface.


Spend more time enjoying your outdoor living space with our vinyl decking systems. 

Professionally engineered to eliminate maintenance and protect your deck from rot, they offer a waterproof, low-maintenance solution proven in all climates. Resistant to UV, mildew, impact, and extreme temperatures, they ensure durability and aesthetics all in a fully adhered single application of protection. With a variety of colors and textures, they’re versatile for any space, while the embossed texture ensures slip resistance for enhanced safety. Plus, they keep the space below your deck dry and usable. Covered by a Five-to-Fifteen Year Limited Warranty, they provide peace of mind for years to come.


Vinyl decks are:

  • Waterproof
  • Proven in all climates.
  • Virtually maintenance free, except for annual cleaning with soap and water.
  • Designed and tested to be resistant to UV, mildew, impact, abrasion, and extreme hot and cold temperatures, to ensure that they maintain their waterproofing functions as well as their aesthetics through many years of everyday wear and tear.
  • Very versatile and can be applied to solve difficult waterproofing situations.
  • Ideal for decks, balconies, and flat roof decks.
  • Covered by a written Five-to-Fifteen Year Limited Warranty.
  • Available in various colours, patterns and textures that assure you'll find the right match for your home.
  • Embossed with texture to provide a slip-resistant surface for your safety.
  • Ideal for ensuring that the space under your deck is dry and usable whether it is a living space or a storage area.


Colours & Styles





View Colour Swatches - Click Here   |   To View Sample Projects - Click Here
(Colours may vary from on screen to real life and should only be used as a reference - please ask to see physical samples)







(Colours may vary from on screen to real life and should only be used as a reference - please ask to see physical samples)




Please review our "Deck Construction Guide" for some valuable tips on preparing an existing deck for a vinyl membrane.




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